2018 Trade Show

The Scotland's Trade Fair has become a staple for Urban Pirate since our first outing in 2011. Every January we build a small art installation to showcase the newest designs available to stockists. We've had a gentleman's living-room, a whisky distillery, a forest even a viking ship!
For 2018 we decided to go back to basics and strip the space back to create our own Urban Pirate shop. What better way to show how awesome the t-shirts look in their shop when they look like they're in an actual shop.
Trade shows are also a great way to get a feel on how the new designs are being received in the eyes of proper business people. Our first year out we won an award for our Scottish Place-names map t-shirt. Sadly we're still chasing the elusive gold award from our first accolade, but its difficult to compete against scarfs......it would appear. This years range based around the humble Haggis will, thankfully, be found across the land, as it they were quite a hit!
Despite being on your feet for three solid days, trade shows are generally good fun. There's quite a lot of catching up on the gossip with fellow traders and always the opportunity to meet new people. It has now become such a routine it would be weird not attending and missing out on catching up with old friends...

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